Sarah Ryland


To the Mother, 

My necklaces have been tangled for days. And I’ve been in more elevators than I can count. But the living in jandals situation is joyus. One of my new hobbies is trying to shut the elevator doors before anyone else can get in. Theo likes to shout “BING” when it’s quiet in the lobby and the elevator tells you it’s opening.

Last you heard we were in San Fran, which was a while ago now. Apologies.

Since then we’ve been to Santa Cruz, San Jose, LA, Las Vegas, Yosemite, Oakland, back to LA and now we’re in San Diego. Staying about 4 minutes drive from the Mexican border. The rental car isn’t insured there though.

LA was a treat for the lover of all things film and music in me. Almost every movie ever was filmed somewhere there. We saw the outside of the New Girl apartments and the ones from Chuck. 100% fangirl tourist. The Griffith Observatory was cool. Charlie’s Angels was filmed there, along with probably 70 other films.

We we’re lucky enough to be in LA at the same time as one of Abbeys trips so we got to hang with her for a couple of days. She’s a candy in the hand.

Vegas was ace. Lit up with a neon glow that brightens the sky. That place is streamlined for gamblers and full of walkways from casino to casino. It’s crazy how you can just walk into any hotel you want. The Belagio and Caesers Palace were my fave. The dress code is a grey area. It’s 38 degrees at midnight and really dry. 

We went to a shooting range there too. Theo enjoyed shredding up his paper target. He asked the arms officer dressed in a camo military outfit if he could “put one in his head”. The man on the target I mean, not the officer. The landscapes in Nevada are amazing. Everywhere you look you’re surrounded by dusty sharp peaks of magnificence. And, NO, we did not get married in an Elvis themed Chapel by an Elvis impersonator. 

I think in total so far we’ve driven the length of New Zealand three times now. We’ve passed through a lot of little places that Theo calls “Head on spike towns”. So we just keep driving through those ones.

Yosemite was insane. I have never experienced landscapes and mountains that big. I don’t even have anything else I can say but wow.

I got a free dinner tonight in San Diego because my Scallops tasted like an old boot. But we went to the zoo today and I was all tuckered out by the end because really i’m a 5 year old and an 80 year old at the same time. 

Tomorrow we drive the lengthy 6 hours to Tucson, Arizona. So I’m signing off to sleep. From Child One. xo

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