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To the Mother, 

I forgot to say in the last post that we went to Disneyland. As you know I’m pretty high on the motion sickness scale. I tried to be brave for Theo though and went on the Star Wars 3D Simulator ride. Basically you get into a spaceship that’s stuck to the ground and you go on a crazy ride through space and time. You’re strapped in but the thing throws you around like a roller coaster. They did a good job, it’s pretty realistic. I was considering throwing up in my handbag. Theo was on his own after that.

We stopped in Phoenix for a night before Tucson and that was cool. Super hot.
We loved Tucson. I definitely haven’t acquired a cactus drawing somewhere on my body. But we got to hang out with Hanah who I went to school with. Her daughter just turned 4 and she’s the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. CANT WAIT TO MEET ROCKY! We took some pictures in the desert on her friends motorbike. And they have $2 beers there.

Roswell was out of this world. Actually it was pretty small and weird and full of alien stuff but it was cool to see! I’ve wanted to go for so many years now. I have a few treats for Sam. Sad that none of the show was actually filmed there though. It’s all filmed in Corvina in LA. Can’t believe I missed that.
Seriously though, Everything is alien themed. The street lights look like alien heads and there’s green footprints on the pavement and aliens painted everywhere. Mac donalds is in a spaceship. 

Albuquerque looks just like breaking bad but nicer. We dropped the rental car off there and flew to New York. It’s so cool there. Beautifully dirty. I hate the subway. And it’s so expensive. But we did love it.

We flew to Minneapolis this morning and then to LAX. 2 flights down and 4 more to go. So another 30ish hours of flying. See you when I get in. If you recognise me. 

Child one signing out. 


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